About Me

I am Kristina Karrass, a Junior Full Stack Developer and have recently successfully graduated from the Coding Boot Camp at UNC Chapel Hill. The course offered an intense immersion into Front End and Back End technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, Node.js, React.js, MySQL, AJAX, RESTful API. I have also learned incorporating libraries such as Bootstrap and Materialize to develop beautiful and appealing UIs.

You will find samples of my journey on this page. It shows how much I have grown from the beginning of the course. You can click the links to see the deployed versions of my work or check out my code on GitHub. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!



This app uses MongoDB, Express, React and Node. Users can search for and save articles from the New York Times archives.


This app lets users discover current news articles, youtube videos and podcasts taylored to their opposite interest to help them discover their alternative "me".

NPR News Scraper

News scraping app that gets the latest articles from NPR.org with Cheerio and saves articles and notes on articles in a MongoDB. The UI is built with Handlebars.

Animal Hangman

The Hangman game also incorporates JavaScript. The user has to figure out which animal is hidden. The app plays the animal sound and links to Wikipedia.

Train Scheduler

Firebase powered app that lets users save trains to and delete them from the database. The UI is a bootstrap theme customized to the apps needs.

Math Fun with Emojis

This game is powered by jQuery. The user has to try to get to a target number by clicking Emojis, that represent randomly picked secret values.

Bamazon CLI storefront

CLI storefront with three options. Customers can see and purchase items, managers can see and add to inventory and executives can see department sales.


App for developers who would like to save coding related Youtube videos, GitHub repos or Reddit articles. Firebase, AJAX calls to GitHub, Reddit and Youtube.

Star Wars RPG

This game features villains and heroes from Star Wars in an epic battle and is powered by JavaScript and jQuery for gaming functionality.